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About the Photographer

                About the Photographer

     Susan is a former special education teacher whose interest in photography was piqued in 1977 when her husband handed her his camera on their honeymoon and encouraged her to take photographs for an article he was writing about the sailing school they were attending.  When the magazine used mostly Susan's photographs to illustrate the article and only one of her husband's (a photo of her), the camera became hers and she soon began to study photography seriously.

     By the early 1980s, Susan had a darkroom in their home and was developing and printing her own black and white images.  She had to give up her darkroom in 1989 when she and her husband moved aboard their sailboat to spend six years cruising the U. S. East Coast, the Bahama Islands and the Caribbean, including the coasts of South and Central America.  Lacking a dark room and with natural beauty everywhere around her, she began to focus on color photography.    


   By the time they moved to Edisto Island, SC, in 1996, Susan had already fallen in love with the natural beauty, birds and other wildlife found in coastal areas.  While cruising, they had spent many nights anchored in quiet creeks branching out from the Intracoastal Waterway with autumn and spring sunsets coloring the sky.  Many days were spent soaking up the natural beauty of tree-lined coastal rivers, the salt marshes and tidal waters...and enjoying the quiet beauty of the many egrets, herons, ibises, ospreys, cormorants, pelicans and the occasional bald eagle decorating the scenes.  Then, after moving to Edisto, as that love affair with her natural surroundings came into full bloom, Susan began using her camera in a serious effort to capture the natural beauty that so delighted her.

     At the same time, she continued her education, taking more classes -- including, at one point, participating in a water color painting class -- to increase her technical knowledge and understanding of her art.  In 2007, Susan reluctantly began a two-year transition from film to digital photography -- a transition that became total when she once again began printing her own photographs after the photo lab that had previouly printed her images shut its door.

Today, when speaking about her photography, Susan says, "My goal, my continual challenge, is to seek out transcendent moments in light and time in the everyday world and to capture them so that their impact on me can be felt by those who will be viewing the resulting photographs.  I have no desire to alter what I see, but instead simply want to use natural light and to frame and compose my photographs in such a way that what inspires me will be the focus of the photograph.  I see my photographs as a combination of what was actually there, my particular artist's viewpoint, and my presentation of that reality."

     Susan began offering her photographs to the public in the fall of 1999.  The next year, she was accepted as a juried artist at the South Carolina Artisans Center.  Since then her photographs have won prizes ranging from Best in Show to Honorable Mention.  More importantly, her photographs have come to decorate the walls of homes and/or offices around the world -- in 45 states plus the Territory of Guam, three provinces of Canada, nine European countries plus Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Mauritius, Mozambique and South Africa.

     Susan is a member of the Edisto Island Art Guild and an exhibiting member of the Charleston (SC) Artist Guild.